Volume Calculation mm
Diameter mm
Length Tan To Tan mm
Liquid Height mm
End Closure Type mm
Vertical Volume Horizontal Volume Vertical Volume Horizontal Volume
VOLUME = 40.0323 m3

K-secal endeavor is to make design and engineering for static equipment engineer an efforts less activity. For this many small help tools are being created for the ease in design & fabrication of Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger and other fabricated equipment. Subject tool calculates the Horizontal Vessel Partial Volume instantly as you enter the numbers. It calculate the volume both in horizontal and vertical orientation. It also has the option to select different type of heads (end closure).
The biggest advantage is that it calculate the partial volume of different type of formed head in both orientation.
Use SI/FPS unit tab to perform calculation in SI or FPS.
Note: The liquid height is from the inside bottom of the head in vertical orientation and from bottom of cylinder in horizontal orientation.

Following formulas have been used to calculate Vessel Partial Volume:

A = 0.0175 COS-1[( D-2 HL)/D]
B = [1-(( D-2 HL)/D)2 ]0.5
HCPV = 0.25DL [ 0.0175AD-B(D-2HL) ]
1. With hemispherical head:
( 1.57DHDE² – 1.05HDE³ ) + HCPV

2. With ellipsoidal head:
( 0.785DHDE² – 0.523HDE³) + HCPV

3. With torispherical head:
( 0.508DHDE² – 0.338HDE³) + HCPV

4. With flat head:
D = Inside Diameter of Vessel
HDE = Height of liquid in dishend
HL = Height of liquid in shell
A = Constant
B = Constant

Click below tab to see the formula for Vertical Vessel Partial Volume:-

Vertical Vessel Partial Volume