Diameter mm
Other End Diameter mm
Height mm
Thickness mm
Material Name
VOLUME = 0.4765 m3
DIMENSION R = 3110.4 mm
DIMENSION E = 2600.5 mm
ANGLE = 70.6 degree
BLANK WEIGHT = 550.5 kg
frustum_cone.png frustum_cone.png

K-secal provide many help tools for the ease in design & fabrication of Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger and other fabricated equipment. From many tools that you would find on this portal this tools helps to calculate Cone Volume. This tool also instantly calculates and gives you the finished weight of the cone and also its development.
For weight you have the option to select different type of metals. Use SI/FPS unit tab to perform calculation in SI or FPS.

Following formulas have been used to calculate the cone volume.

Cone Volume = 0.262 * h(D² + d² + Dd )

h = Height of cone
D = Larger inner diameter of cone
d = Small inner diameter of cone

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Cone Development

Cone Weight